To provide a forum for multi-disciplinary professionals working in the field of psychotrauma to share ideas and knowledge relevant to their work in the field


The UKPTS is able to offer members the opportunity to post research related queries on the research area of the website.

Suitable postings might be:

  1. Requests for information from other UKPTS members related to traumatic stress research about scales to use in specific situations (e.g. “anyone know a suitable scale to use to measure changes in traumatic symptoms in veterans?”)
  2. Asking whether other members have experience in carrying research which is of interest to the enquiring member (e.g. “I am hoping to evaluate whether my new one session Trauma Focused - CBT intervention is effective for road traffic accident victims presenting to A&E. Has anyone carried out similar research?”).
  3. Another suitable use of the website is to post messages related to recruitment either asking for whether research posts related to traumatic stress are available or research groups posting positions they have available for those interested. Effectively the UKPTS research pages will act as a monitored research network. To request information be added to the website click here.

Those working with emergency personnel may be interested in the guidelines Sam Harvey and Richard Bryant have published on how PTSD should be diagnosed and treated in these groups.

The abstract of their related paper is available here.

Details of a meta analysis of the risk of depressive disorder following disaster and combat exposure are available here 

PTSD Quarterly Updates

UKPTS Monthly Research Digests are available in the members' section.

The National Centre for PTSD publishes Quarterly Updates which you can view here or subscribe to directly.

Please click on the following link to read the 2016 (4) update from the National Centre for PTSD on sleep and PTSD, and the 2016(2) update on Group treatment for PTSD.
The Clinicians Trauma Update (Dec 2017) is available here

Please click here to subscribe to the PTSD Updates or other products by the VA’s National Center for PTSD.