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ESTSS Certificate in Psychotraumatology

All UKPTS members are also full members of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) which is the accrediting body for the Certificate in Psychotraumatology. Once you have received your ESTSS membership number and log in details you can register for the Certificate via the ESTSS website.

Q - What is the fee?

A - The fee for registering is 55 euros. This fee will cover the administration of the certification process and any costs incurred in assessing the suitability of workshops for approval for the certificate

Q - What are the timescales?

A - The timescale for completing the certificate is 3 years from registering and you should be able to access enough training events in that period, here in the UK. The UKPTS website will keep you up to date with planned workshops. 

Q- How do I register for the ESTSS Certificate in Psychotraumatology?

A - Complete the registration details form in the ‘Members Only’ section of the ESTSS website. 

Q - Are there any online courses?

No there are no online workshops.  The majority of the workshops at UKPTS conferences are ESTSS accrediated.  

For more information on the ESTSS Certificate visit the ESTSS certificate page or contact Zoran Sukovic certificate@estss.org. 

For general enquiries please e-mail Zoran Sukovic certificate@estss.org. See www.estss.org for more information.